Raymarine Propulsion SystemNew Evolution™ Drive-by-Wire autopilot control for Yanmar Joystick system plus simplified access to Yanmar engine data Raymarine is pleased to announce that two of the company’s ground-breaking products are now compatible with selected Yanmar engine systems.
Fully tested and certified by both parties, the Evolution™ DBW brings autopilot control to vessels equipped with Yanmar VC10 and JC10 (Joystick) Control Systems; connecting direct to provide unrivalled steering control of the Yanmar propulsion systems. The ECI-100 Universal Engine and Control Interface gives access, via Raymarine multifunction displays (MFDs), to Yanmar engine data Evolution™ autopilots perceive their environment and then instantly calculate and evolve steering commands to maximize performance.
This breakthrough in autopilot intelligence uses Evolution AI™ control algorithms to give precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions. The easy-to-install Evolution™ DBW is supplied complete with the EV-2 9-axis sensor, p70R control head and cabling, and connects directly to the Yanmar control system.  Once integrated into the system Yanmar owners can control the Evolution™ autopilot with the p70R or via touch screen using any Raymarine multifunction display powered by Raymarine’s LightHouse II user interface.
Bridging the gap between engine instrumentation, drive-by-wire propulsion systems, and Raymarine network navigation systems, the ECI-100 is an innovative device that collects and connects engine information to give the user simple and immediate access to engine performance data, fuel consumption and alarms via a full range of customizable information screens on Raymarine’s MFDs.
Raymarine’s ECI-100 makes engine and navigation integration an affordable reality for virtually any size boat.  A space-limited vessel can access vital engine data alongside Raymarine’s industry-leading radar, sonar and navigation technologies via a single touch screen display.
Each data port on the ECI-100 is independently powered and isolated, ensuring reliable and worry-free performance from both navigation
electronics and engine systems.  
Connecting an ECI-100 to a compatible Yanmar engine system couldn’t be simpler.  Depending on the type of engine, a single NMEA2000 (Devicenet) cable and NMEA2000 T-piece connector is all that is needed to link the ECI-100 to a Yanmar engine system; the NMEA2000 T-piece is inserted into the Yanmar system network with the NMEA2000 (Devicenet) cable running from the T-piece direct to the NMEA2000 (Devicenet) connector on the ECI-100, which is then connected to a Raymarine MFD.
Using the ECI-100 to connect to compatible Yanmar engine systems, the following engine data can be displayed on Raymarine’s latest generation of multifunction displays;
•        Engine Speed (RPM)
•        Engine Hours
•        Engine Oil Temperature
•        Engine Coolant Temperature
•        Engine Oil Pressure
•        Engine Coolant Pressure
•        Engine Fuel Delivery Pressure
•        Engine Fuel Rate
•        Engine Boost Pressure
•        Battery Voltage
•        Transmission Oil Pressure
•        Transmission Oil Temperature
•        Fuel Level
•        Engine Alarms
•        Over Temperature
•        Low Oil Pressure
•        Low Oil Level
•        Low System Voltage
•        Low Coolant Level
•        Water in Fuel
Fully tested and certified by both Yanmar and Raymarine, the Evolution™ DBW autopilot connects direct to the Yanmar VC10 and JC10 (Joystick) control system; a Yanmar autopilot cable and autopilot ID key, supplied by Yanmar, completes the network.

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