PrincecraftIn April 2014, Princecraft Boats will officially celebrate its 60th year in the boating industry and also its 60th year of expertise! Not only the trademark exists since 60 years, it also has been 60 years since boats are designed and built, from A to Z, in its Princeville plants. The company's DNA and roots are the foundation of those 60 years. Here is a brief overview of this Canadian institution.

Established in 1954 under the name Aluminum Boats & Canoes (1954-1970), the company went on to do business under a variety of names, including Canadian Boat Manufacturing (1970–1973), Alcan Marine Products (1973–1985), and Altra Marine Products (1985–1990), before becoming a trademark of Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) in 1990. When OMC went bankrupt in 2001, Brunswick Corporation purchased the brand, which operated officially under the name Princecraft Boats Inc. from that day forward.

Still a Brunswick Corporation holding, Princecraft has preserved its distinctive Canadian character, while selling its products across North America. Princecraft has always been on the cutting edge of the market, designing aluminum boats for every need and budget. Since its inception, the company has made all its boats out of H36 grade aluminum—an alloy 25% stronger than those used by most boat manufacturers—so they would be durable and sturdy, with great resale value.

Over its 60 years in the business, the company has embraced change, improving and diversifying its products to provide customers with state-of-the-art fishing boats (from day one), pontoons (since 1985), and deck boats (since 1992). Today, Princecraft has grown from its modest beginnings into a modern, three-building complex that drives local industry and every day produces the outstanding watercraft that have made it a leader in North America.

And despite the sometimes tumultuous waters of the North American pleasure craft market, the Princecraft adventure continues aboard boats that constantly raise the bar for technology, safety, and fun. Through the combined efforts of everyone who has worked to build the company, and the enthusiastic support of our many Canadian and U.S. dealers, Princecraft is now present all across Canada and is gaining ground in the United States.

At Princecraft, we’ve had our highs and lows, but our crew can navigate even the roughest of seas. We’ve always held our course, and the voyage is far from over. Boating is our business, and Princecraft is here to stay!

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