Skyline Marina / Pride Marine GroupIndustry leader and long-time owner of Skyline Marina, Cameron Wardlaw  has sent an announcement to his customers thanking them for their
years of loyalty and support. His email read:

To our valued customers,

After 54 wonderful years as owner & president of Skyline Marina, it is with mixed emotions that I let you know that Skyline Marina is changing hands. Since in my twenties, Skyline Marina has been my focus and I have decided the time has come for me to enjoy life without the responsibilities of this fabulous business.

I have been assured by the new owners, the Pride Marine Group, that Skyline Marina will continue with same spirit and commitment as we have provided for all of these years and which made Skyline Marina the NUMBER ONE Sea Ray dealer in Canada.

We have always tried to give you the best possible boating experience and have been rewarded by you allowing us to serve you. It is with much thanks and appreciation to you, our loyal customers, that I wish you my very best.


Cameron Wardlaw/President