VIBS 2014In collaboration with Canadian Boat Shows, Inc., BCMTA administration and Board members have participated in meetings with VIBS exhibitors to review and select the best show dates for 2014. The need for such an in-depth review was based on this year’s survey results, which identified exhibitor concern with increased costs associated with the show being open on the statutory Family Day holiday, and a growing concern that even with modifications to the show’s schedule, any overlap with Family Day long weekend is a risk to the show’s attendance – the latter of which is also confirmed by consumer survey responses.
Limited by availability at BC Place, BCMTA had only a few options to consider that are independent of the Family Day long weekend, none of which were ideal either due to conflicts with other shows, significant sporting events or weather concerns. The final decision is to move VIBS to January 22 – 26, 2014. While these dates do overlap with the opening of the Seattle Boat Show and may pose some challenges for members who also exhibit in the Toronto and Seattle Shows, the 2014 dates will mean cost savings for the majority of exhibitors and more timely options for consumers who like to visit both the Vancouver and Seattle shows.
BC Place is allowing the BCMTA to place on hold two dates for 2015 and future shows – this includes the same dates as 2014 and dates soon after the Family Day long weekend. This will allow CBSI and BCMTA time to assess the 2014 show and the benefits or impact of having the show earlier than usual.
Please forward any questions you may have about the 2014 VIBS to CBSI Show Manager Eric Nichollat 604.882.8024 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.