April 30, 2017

NMMA CanadaEconomic Facts and Retail Markets reports released today

Retail Markets report shows outboard engine sales up in nearly all provinces in 2016 with 3.5% growth across the country

TORONTO, CANADA—April 27, 2017—The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Canada announced today a new release schedule for its 2016 Canadian Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract, providing more timely data to the industry. The Statistical Abstract contains thousands of data points and insights on the recreational boating industry. New this year, NMMA Canada is releasing each section of the Abstract as the data become available, starting with “2016 Economic Facts” and “2016 Retail Markets”, which NMMA released today. All four sections of the 2016 Abstract will be available in June 2017.

“We’re now releasing the Statistical Abstract in sections and reporting on a full calendar year as opposed to NMMA’s fiscal year (October through September), making it more useful to members and the industry,” noted Sara Anghel, executive director of NMMA Canada. “The Abstract is one of the most significant member benefits NMMA offers as it provides critical insights into our entire industry. Releasing it by section makes the data much more timely and therefore even more valuable and useful for our members who use the Abstract as a resource when making business decisions.”

NMMA’s annual Statistical Abstract is the most comprehensive collection of statistics on the Canadian recreational boating industry. The Abstract provides insights that help stakeholders understand the economics of boating as well as a common set of numbers stakeholders can reference when assessing the Canadian recreational marine market.

The release schedule for the four sections of the 2016 Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract is:

• April: Economic Facts; Retail Markets (New Boats)
• May: Pre-Owned Boat Market; Exports/Imports (Trade)
• June: Full Report (A compilation of all four sections)

The first and second report from the 2016 Abstract, Economic Facts & Retail Markets (New Boats), are available for complimentary download by NMMA members on the new, easier-to-navigate statistics section of NMMA.ca; the report is also available for purchase by non-NMMA members. Highlights from both of these sections, include:

• Estimated retail dollar sales for new boats and outboard engines totaled $2.3 billion in 2016, a 9.2% increase compared to 2015.
• In 2016, unit sales were up for the following boat categories: sterndrive boats (up 1.3%), inboard cruisers (up 5.3%), personal watercraft (up 21.5%) and inflatable boats (up 20.4%).
• Outboard engine unit sales totaled 39,728 in 2016, up 3.5% from the previous year. Corresponding dollars were up 3.1% to $296.5 million.
• Outboard engine sales were up in nearly all provinces with growth led by Ontario (up 8.3%), British Columbia (up 7.8%), Atlantic Provinces (up 7.1%), and Northwest Territories (up 7.8%). Together, these provinces accounted for 63.4% of outboard engine unit sales in 2016.
• Consumer confidence, which closely correlates to new boat sales, rose to 103.8 in December 2016, compared to 91 during the same month in 2015.
• Disposable income, a key economic indicator for new boat sales, was up a seasonally adjusted 4% through the fourth quarter of 2016.

When each 2016 Canadian Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract section is released, reports can be downloaded here within the Statistics section of nmma.ca. NMMA members receive unlimited complimentary access to the digital versions of each section as they’re available, in addition to the full compilation report, which will be released in June. The print edition of the full report can be pre-ordered here.

Please visit http://www.nmma.ca/statistics/ or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


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