July 31, 2018

NMMA Canada New Update HeaderThe latest NMMA Canada member newsletter sent this positive story about ethanol use and the threat of E-15. Below is the excerpt from their newsletter.

Bio-Isobutanol Approved By Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in US as Alternative to Ethanol (E-15)

“Earlier this month the EPA approved the registration of bio-isobutanol as a fuel additive in the US. Bio-isobutanol is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to E15 that is highly compatible with marine products. Ethanol and bio-isobutanol are alcohol fuels derived from fermenting corn, but bio-isobutanol is not corrosive like ethanol and behaves more like conventional gasoline. That means cars, boats and other machines that require gasoline can use it at high levels without experiencing problems.

NMMA Canada will communicate to the Government of Canada on the importance of considering the use of bio-isobutanol as a safe alternative to E15 while it continues to develop the Clean Fuel Standard.”

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