Aug 13, 2019

MRAA DealerTiara Yachts and Tiara Sport along with the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas have partnered together to bring the Tiara dealer network a pathway to delivering a greater customer experience through a 3-year commitment to the Marine Industry Certified Dealer program.

To encourage participation by their dealer network, Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport will offer a per boat incentive to dealers who complete the Certification process and maintain their status through the Continuous Certification program.

“We are very excited to partner with the MRAA on this program and launch it to our Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport dealer network at our 2019 Dealer Summit. Working towards continuous improvement, education and training helps to build an all-around stronger Tiara Dealer network,” says Dave O’Connell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport.

MRAA’s Dealer Certification Program provides boat and engine dealers with a proven roadmap for dealership success, focusing them on continually improving their organizations through an emphasis on operations, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. In addition to committing to the Certification program, Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport have signed on to be an MRAA Platinum partner.

“We are ecstatic to partner with the Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport dealer networks through the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program and MRAA partnership,” says Liz Keener, MRAA’s Certification Manager. “Tiara continues to put focus on creating a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging and rewarding marine retailers who invest in education and training, specifically through the MICD program.”

The MRAA team will be in attendance at the Tiara’s 2019 Dealer Meeting to highlight the partnership with Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport and the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program. For more information on the program, please visit