Sept 25, 2018

Quadrant ClassroomHave you ever put out a live fire? Do you know when you should try a fire extinguisher and when you just need to get out? What should you be looking out for when you’re working in marinas and boatyards? With Quadrant Marine Institutes new Level One Marine Service Training (MST) you can learn all this and more. The course starts off with training on putting out a live fire. This all takes place in the new Granville Island Office and Classroom.

Level One MST Training starts off with fire extinguisher training certification that includes putting out a live fire. This is an essential skill for Marine Workers and can even extend to those of us who are involved in boating.

Quadrant Fire


Registration has begun and classes are beginning to fill up! The training covers all aspects of the recreational marine service. It includes a competency assessment tailored to your company’s work scope. The end result is a Marine Service Technician Certification from the province of British Columbia, including the fire extinguisher training.

For further information, and to register please visit: