July 23, 2019

ABYCABYC will be busy this year at IBEX with a lot of education events going on. We also will have an upgraded booth (#3-2032) this year, perfect for networking and getting to know our members better so make sure you stop by!

IBEX Super Session:
ABYC Standards Certification
This ABYC Standards Certification at IBEX is a fast-paced, one-day course, consisting of a self-study online portion, classroom review, and then exam. You can be among the first to take ABYC’s Standards Certification course online and get certified during this session before the doors open at IBEX!

Seminars Hosted by ABYC

Tuesday - October 1, 2019
Analyzing and Upgrading AC Electrical Systems 
James Cote - Session #206

Troubleshooting AC Electrical Systems: Tools of the Trade 
James Cote - Session #306

Wednesday - October 2, 2019

Live from ABYC: Add a Battery Demo
Rob Berenwick - Session #404

Three-Phase AC Electrical Systems on Boats
James Cote - Session #406

Live from ABYC: Engine and MFD Setup
Rob Berenwick - Session #604

ABYC 2019 Standards Update 
Brian Goodwin - Session #706

Thursday - October 3, 2019
Lithium Ion Batteries: The Fundamentals of Various Technologies Available

Jack Johnson - Session #806​​​​​​​
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