Aug 6, 2019

Marine MuseumSince 1976, the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston has been dedicated to celebrating our unique position as an integral part of the community and as purveyors of Great Lakes history in Canada. The very good news is that the Museum finally has a new permanent home as a result of an extremely generous benefactor donation. This new home is, in fact, its old home - its historic site at 55 Ontario St in Kingston. This will make possible to establish a new, revitalized and re-imagined Marine Museum.

Former owner Jay Patry noted that with its “unique artifacts, and bibliographic and archival collections, the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston is a national jewel with world-wide recognition,” adding that, when, Patry Enterprises LLC’s initial vision for the property “was not shared by some, we felt that a prudent path to advance was to give back to the City and the Museum and see the property restored as an important tourism hub on Kingston’s waterfront and the wider community.”

The plan is to take advantage of this opportunity to rethink all aspects of the Museum in order to modernize and make the museum more relevant to the community, both in Kingston and nationwide. It also provides the Canadian Sailing Hall of Fame a permanent location. Said Museum Manager Doug Cowie. “Next steps will also include the development of a Strategic Development Plan that will articulate and prioritize the progressive opportunities available to the Marine Museum.”