IsolatorTypically a concern when mating different metals, galvanic corrosion can affect carbon fiber composite-to-aluminum couplings. Vesconite, the advanced marine polymer, makes the ideal electrical isolator when working with potentially problematic dissimilar materials.



Pursuit SPursuit Boats recently debuted their new S 368 in Fort Pierce, Florida to local marine media representatives.




Cantius 50 SunroofThe 50 Cantius has proven to be a runaway success for Cruisers Yachts. Since its launch early this year, it's drawn rave media reviews worldwide for blending indoor and outdoor spaces in a unified, bright and spacious design.



Shakespear MastFinding a stable, reliable platform to mount valuable antennas off a mast can be challenging. The new 4366-R Mast Mount from Shakespeare® provides a firm, robust base to install the company's SeaWatch™, WebWatch™, WebWhip™ and stainless steel whip antennas.




North Sails 3di Nordac3Di NORDAC is a breakthrough and innovative polyester sail built with North Sails unique and patented 3Ditechnology. Marrying traditional materials with modernmanufacturing processes, the product is targeted to the mass cruising market, specifically small to medium sizedcruising boats.

Polymer Drain PlugsA U.S. supplier of marine parts has found considerable demand for Vesconite T-handle and flatter stern screw-in drain plugs for a particular brand of wake surfing boats built between 2006 and 2014.

Humphree Stabilizer 1During two intense weeks in the beginning of May, the Swedish company Humphree held their global Distributor Meeting 2017 and in conjunction, leading boating journalists were invited to sea trial news on the topic ‘Stabilisation’ for everyone.

Hubbel Corrosion ResistanceCorrosion has long been the bane of electrical connections exposed to wet or saltwater environments. Weather-resistant 15 amp and 20 amp heavy-duty receptacles from Hubbell Marine outlast traditional devices in commercial applications and provide an additional margin of safety.

Interlux MicronAkzoNobel is excited to announce that following the end of a three-year, industry-wide raw material shortage, Interlux® Micron® Extra and Ultra with Biolux® are now back on the market and available for the US and Caribbean markets.

Garmin VirbGarmin has announced the VIRB 360, a compact, rugged and fully spherical 360-degree camera.

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