May 8, 2017

Manual Bilge PumpIf a boat takes on water it is not unusual for the electrical system to fail, leaving standard 12-volt bilge pumps inoperable. Reliable and easy-to-use Thirsty-Mate® self-priming hand pumps from Beckson Marine quickly remove water, making them essential safety equipment for any vessel.

The Thirsty-Mate 124 Series bilge pump measures 24" L and 1-3/4" in diameter, allowing it to move one gallon of water with every six strokes for a 10 gpm capacity. Made in the USA, the self-lubricating pump features an angled top sleeve, a contoured red Tee handle and a self-priming plunger valve for ease of use.

Fabricated from a special non-conductive polyvinyl material for safety and utilizing solvent-welded construction, the Thirsty-Mate 124 Series won't rust, corrode or mar the boat's finish. It will withstand temperatures of up to 120° F. A removable foot valve facilitates cleaning after use.

Three models are available: the standard 124PF with a 24" hose, the 124PF6 with a 72" hose and the 124P pump alone. Suggested retail prices are $41.60, $55.25 and $34.05 respectively.

With solutions for a range of boating applications, Beckson Marine also offers Thirsty-Mate hand pumps in a 6 gpm 118 Series, a 13 gpm 136 Series, and a compact 8 gpm 224 Series.

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