May 29, 2017

Interlux MicronAkzoNobel is excited to announce that following the end of a three-year, industry-wide raw material shortage, Interlux® Micron® Extra and Ultra with Biolux® are now back on the market and available for the US and Caribbean markets.

“In 2014, a raw material that made up part of its Biolux slime blocking technology was unavailable from the manufacturer. In the interim Interlux provided alternative and proven solutions to our customers,” said North America Marketing Manager Matt Anzardo. “We are pleased to announce that the class-leading Micron Extra and Ultra with Biolux that boat owners, builders and boatyards know and trust is now available from Interlux distributors, ship stores and boatyards in the US and the Caribbean,” he added.

Micron Extra

Micron Extra is a class-leading Micron Technology polishing antifouling that consistently delivers excellent, multi-season and long-lasting protection against all types of fouling. Micron Extra incorporates Biolux Technology to control slime and algae, which improves antifouling performance. It's highly engineered; controlled polishing rate reduces build-up and minimizes sanding and also increases fuel economy, which leads to reduced carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions. Micron Extra allows the boat to be hauled and re-launched without repainting, reducing the maintenance needs. During the initial re-introduction period, Micron Extra will be available in Blue and Black, with other popular colors available fall 2017.

Ultra with Biolux

Ultra with Biolux delivers powerful protection for the harshest fouling conditions, when a hard durable finish is needed. Ultra with Biolux is formulated for high fouling areas and provides excellent long-term antifouling protection. The addition of Biolux Technology reduces slime and increases antifouling performance. Boat yards and boat owners will benefit from the fast dry formula, which allows boats to be painted and launched the same day. Ultra has a hard, long-lasting finish with excellent color stability. The VOC compliant, low emissions formula reduces solvent emissions. During the initial re-introduction period Ultra with Biolux will be available in Blue and Black, with other popular colors available fall 2017.

For more information about AkzoNobel’s Interlux products, visit the Interlux web site.

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