Nov 6, 2017

SpG2357hThere's something about a warm cabin on a cold, damp day that makes winter boating rival the joys of summer. But whether installed or portable, heaters put a tremendous burden on a boat's electrical system. The SmartPlug system is an affordable safety upgrade that overcomes the shortcomings of outdated, twist-type shore power connections.

Traditional connectors suffer from an inherent lack of the metal-to-metal contact needed to prevent overheating. When a small 1,000 watt heater is used, this design flaw—one that's over 80 years old—can cause resistance, arcing and a serious potential for fire.
SmartPlug provides a modern, elegant solution. The innovative design uses a flat pin and clip configuration. The 30A inlet and cordset connectors provide more than 20 times the metal contact over twist-type systems. This maximizes electrical transfer and vastly increases the safety of the entire on board shore power system.

The asymmetrical connector also plugs straight in and is secured with spring-loaded, stainless steel locking side clips. There's no more guessing how to align the L-blade and fumbling to thread the locking ring. The revolutionary SmartPlug is so simple to use, it can be done one-handed in the dark.

Offered in 30 and 50 amp models, the SmartPlug meets or exceeds all current certification requirements. The inlet cover is available in stainless steel, or non-metallic white, grey or black. A stainless steel phone/TV/data inlet is also available.

The SmartPlug is easy to install by an average boat owner using common household tools. The mounting holes match industry standards, so it's simply a matter of replacing what's currently there.;