Nov 13, 2017

Furuno SC70Modern navigation on virtually all commercial vessels and high-end recreational yachts requires rock-solid heading and advanced navigation data from Satellite Compass technology. Accurate and robust functionality of any vessel's entire navigation suite depends on a Satellite Compass that provides not only heading, but other vital inputs like pitch, roll, heave and athwart-ship motion. Today, Furuno has perfected the Satellite Compass with two new product offerings, the SC70 and SC130. Both products provide heading, rate of turn, GPS data, 3-axis speed (fore-aft, transverse and stern swing) and pitch / roll with accuracy that meets and exceeds the strictest standards.

Taking advantage of the very latest technology, these new units utilize GPS carrier data to provide heading accurate to .4 degrees for SC70 and .25 degrees for the SC130, and speed accuracy of 0.02kts. A variety of other data is provided, including position, SOG (Speed Over Ground), COG (Course Over Ground), ROT (Rate Of Turn), and 3-axis speed (bow, stern and longitudinal). The accuracy of this data is critical to safe maneuvers, such as berthing, towing operations or navigating in crowded ports of call.

Both units have an incredibly short startup time of 90 seconds and a rapid follow-up rate of 40 degrees/second. The SC70 and SC130 can be easily integrated into an existing shipboard network via a simple Ethernet connection, meeting the IEC 61162-450 commercial approval standard. Both unites include NMEA2000 and multiple NMEA0183 ports, including high speed NMEA, for additional networking to other products.

For Furuno Fish Finders with Heaving Compensation capability, the SC70 and SC130 remove the common "Saw Tooth" bottom effect that appears during rough sea conditions! Heaving compensation also removes the need to invoke Fish Finder "Bottom Lock" display modes that can mask important bottom details and cause wavering fish target echoes. Heaving compensation also improves Time Zero PBG (from Nobeltec/MaxSea) data collection and storage by stabilizing and improving digital depth accuracy from compatible Fish Finders.

Finally, if you have a Sonar, such as Furuno's CH250, CH270, CH300, CSH8LMK2, etc., the SC70 and SC130 will add pitch and roll compensation. Pitch and roll compensation data allows Furuno Sonar systems to display an unwavering presentation and facilitates stable detection, even in foul weather conditions. The SC70 and SC130 are both type approved as Transmitting Heading Devices (THD), as well as IMO GPS for External Position Fixing Sensor (EPFS).

These units are very cost effective, as they are completely free from regular maintenance, unlike traditional magnetic compasses. The SC70 has an American MSRP of $4,595, while the SC130 has an American MSRP of $10,395. If you're looking for a way to get more functionality out of your NavNet, Sonar, Fish Finder, or Radar, the SC70 and SC130 are a logical next step.

To learn more about Furuno's new SC70 and SC130 Satellite Compasses, or the complete line of quality Furuno marine electronics, see your local Furuno dealer or visit Furuno's informative Website at