Nov 13, 2017

Davis Carbon Fiber Wind VanesWhether learning to sail in an Optimist, perfecting technique in a Laser or taking line honors in the latest sportboat, the ability to visualize apparent wind angle and read the shifts is critical to sailing well. Traditional wind indicators tend to be fragile and easily bent or broken. Davis Instruments introduces Blacksmith Wind Vanes, made from super lightweight 3D carbon fiber and duraluminum to withstand the rigors of hard racing. For Opti sailors, an equally durable, carbon-free class legal version is offered.

Blacksmith Wind Vanes are handcrafted. Calibrated and tested, they're precision-balanced to be incredibly sensitive in breezes from 0.8 to 40 knots. Hi-tech black with yellow highlights, they stand out in both sunny and overcast skies. All models come with an American flag sticker that can be used to identify a US sailor at international competitions.

Two masthead models are offered. The Blacksmith Sport Boat Wind Vane is for boats 16–28'; it measures 9" W x 10" H and weighs a mere 0.7 oz. The Blacksmith Olympic is for boats up to 20', weighs 0.5 oz. and is 9" W x 9" H. The vanes and shafts are made from 3D carbon fiber, an incredibly light and strong composite. Duraluminum used on the vanes is a heat-treated alloy renowned for its strength, minimal weight and corrosion resistance. Both include a versatile Davis J-base for mounting on the side, top or front of the mast, the same as comes with a Windex 10, making switching to a Blacksmith easy.

The Blacksmith Horizontal Wind Vane is perfect for dinghies that use gooseneck indicators mounted on the mast at eye level, such as a Laser, Finn or Melges 14. Weighing only 0.8 oz., its shaft is 12" L with a 7.8" vane. Made with the same long-lasting materials as the masthead models, it installs with a durable, easily attached adjustable mast clamp.

The Blacksmith Crazy Kids is designed with the Optimist sailor in mind. Class legal, it's totally carbon-free—its vane is made from durable, lightweight fiberglass. It's 7" W x 11" H, only 0.5 oz. and has a fun, kid-friendly pattern imprinted on it.