Apr 24, 2018

PRK23820hPinpoint casting accuracy, reading the weather, and a thorough understanding of local cover and structure are just some of the skills of an experienced, successful angler. Thankfully, backing a trailer needn't be one of them with Parkit360. Its Force 5K electric power dolly moves a 5,000 lb. aluminum or fiberglass skiff, bass, flats or utility fishing boat with absolute ease, maneuvering around obstacles and tight corners.

About the same size and weight of a lawnmower, the Force 5K is easy to use. After freewheeling it to the trailer, it's attached to the included ball using Parkit360's Stableloc technology. Then, it's simply a matter of using the forward/reverse thumb toggle and steering. The user faces the boat and can see where it is at all times—down to a fraction of an inch—something that's near impossible to accomplish in a vehicle. A video of it in use is at

Power for the Force 5K comes from an industrial-strength Bosch 1.5 hp motor. Its 4" wide tires support a 900 lb. tongue weight and provide plenty of traction when on rough ground, including slight grades.

The Force 5K runs off a common 12V battery, either onboard or the boat's, with the included 80" connection cable. It has a built-in charger and power monitor. It costs $1,095 USD, with online pricing common.