Oct 23, 2018

Shurhold Waterproof Action CameraWith a waterproof action camera, there's seemingly no limit to the incredible videos that can be recorded—above or below the waterline. The only limitation has been the length of an arm or flimsy selfie stick. With Shurhold Industries' Camera Adapter, a GoPro or Garmin VIRB quickly and securely attaches to any of the company's 11 different handles. Extending up to 9', it's easy to capture stunning new perspectives.

Made from a high-performance polymer, the Camera Adapter is completely rustproof. Part of Shurhold's One Handle Does It All System, it locks onto any Shurhold fixed or telescoping triple-anodized aluminum handle and can be adjusted for the optimal shooting angle. With a Handle Mate PFD, it'll even float if accidentally dropped in the water.

On the boat, the Shurhold Camera Adapter has unlimited uses, both practical and fun. Safer than climbing a mast or tower, it's easy to inspect rigging and electronics. Below the waterline it's perfect for checking for kelp on a keel or examining a prop. And nothing compares to it for capturing the excitement of boating.

A video of it in action is available here: .

The Shurhold Camera Adapter doesn't have to remain on the boat. It's ideal for use around the house, whether checking gutters, crawlspaces or the progress of nesting birds.

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