July 16, 2019

Pontoon PumpMinor leaks in pontoons are common but left unattended, the accumulated weight decreases boat speed and puts undue strain on the engine. In a seaplane, it can be outright dangerous. A simple solution is Beckson Marine's Pontoon Pump and Discharge Hose Assembly. Rated at 7.5 gpm, it quickly removes water and helps comply with US and Canadian regulations on controlling the spread of invasive species.

Made in the USA, the 15" L Beckson Pontoon Pump is self-priming and self-lubricating for maximum efficiency. It has a flexible foot that's threaded to 1-1/4" and tapered collar for use with pontoon funnels. Made from durable, non-conductive polyvinyl, it won't corrode or scratch polished aluminum.

The Discharge Hose Assembly features a rugged 3' L flexible tube attached to an extra-long 6" rigid dispensing spout. This fits securely into a standard five-gallon bucket to make disposing of extracted water—and any hitchhiking flora and fauna—into an appropriate area fast and easy.

Ideal for seaplane, catamaran and pontoon boat owners, in America, the 15" L 315FPX Pontoon Pump costs $46.80 USD, with 24" and 36" models available. The 3' L FP-OUT3 Discharge Hose Assembly is $18 USD; 4' and 6' hose lengths are also offered.