July 30, 2019

Martyr SeaguardEvery year, corrosion costs the boating industry billions of dollars. In addition to affecting the appearance of the boat, it causes structural instability thereby posing a serious safety hazard.
Martyr Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga® offers the film galvanising system in an aerosol spray format that is the best bang for the buck. Since it only requires two coats, dries quickly and can be used above or even below waterline, it makes for easy on-site application.

In order to offer a galvanic protection, a zinc concentration of at least 92% must be present in the dry extract. Given that Martyr Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga® contains 96% of zinc in the dry film, it exceeds this condition. 

Martyr Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga® is ideal for the repairing and touching-up of damaged or old hot-dipped or zinc-coated structures. Good resistance to mechanical shocks, abrasion and erosion makes it a solid and reliable solution for preventing corrosion.

Martyr Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga® has various uses and applications:
• Standalone system
• Primer under suitable topcoats
• As a shop primer
• For repair/recharging for worn galvanizing
• On rebar

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