Oct 8, 2019

Furuno ConnectionsAccessorizing Team FourTunate's Electronics Package
If you've missed any of Furuno's ground-breaking series, "Furuno Connections," now is a great time to catch up on the action! This unique series from Furuno documents a complete electronics retrofit project aboard the stunning 39-foot SeaVee of the tournament-winning Team FourTunate crew. From selecting replacement electronics, to cutting holes, installing all-new equipment, and providing plenty of on-the-water demonstrations, there's an episode with something for everyone. Viewers can now go to the "Furuno Connections" playlist and binge watch every episode.
In this episode, join Furuno's own Eric Kunz and Clayton Paddison as they accessorize the NavNet TZtouch2 package selected by Team FourTunate. Eric and Clayton discuss the accessories that round out the boat's electronics network, including the optional MCU004 keypad, BBWX4 SiriusXM Satellite Weather and Radio, FI70 Instrument and the DST800 Depth/Speed/Temp sensor. They also provide some tips and tricks for retrofitting accessories into holes that just aren't quite the right size.
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