Oct 15, 2019

XantrexXantrex has added a new 2000W/24Vdc inverter designed specifically for military, bus, commercial marine and other applications that use 24V battery systems. This new inverter follows the same design and engineering as other products of the FREEDOM X family.
This is the eighth product in the FREEDOM X family, first introduced in 2015 with a 1200W model. The new inverter maintains all key ingredients that have made FREEDOM X the highest selling inverter series in recent years - 2X continuous power surge of more than 2 seconds, full output up - to 104°F, inverter off feature via DC signal to limit battery drain, wide input voltage range up - to 20-32Vdc to work off modern alternators and exceptionally fast transfer from shore to battery for uninterrupted operation of tools and appliances. Quick connect AC terminals, location of AC and DC terminals on the same side inside a large wiring compartment enable quick and easy installation on the assembly line. 
The inverter is certified to UL458 with marine supplement, meets FCC Class B and is also tested for multiple environmental stresses including moisture and corrosion resistance using HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and Salt-and-Fog chambers. It is in stock and available for shipping. 
To download datasheet and other technical documents, visit For additional information contact Mitul Chandrani, Marketing Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..