Mar 3, 2020

LED Work LampA multipurpose light bar makes the most of limited exterior space aboard. Hella marine offers a powerful, versatile workhorse in its Sea Hawk-470 Combi LED Lamp. It switches from a spotlight to spread pattern, to both combined for maximum illumination.

Built for the harshest environments, the Sea Hawk-470 Combi puts out 2,200 lumens of 5000K white LED light. Its impact-resistant Grilamid® lens holds up to UV exposure and other destructive elements. The lamp's thermally conductive polymer housing both combats corrosion risks and draws heat away from internal electronics for a longer product life. Hella marine multivolt circuitry enables powering with either a 12V or 24V supply for reliable operation between 9V and 33V. 

The LED light's three settings are a close-range spread pattern, long-range spotlight and combination using both. Additionally, friction end caps enable positioning of the lens at a specific angle. A demonstration video of diverse applications ranging from illuminating decks to sighting objects at sea is at

Each light measures 20.63" W x 2.24" H x 2.64" D and mounts with stainless steel brackets. A double bracket is available to vertically stack two units for greater illumination demands. Backed by a 5-year warranty, MSRP in the United States for the Hella marine Sea Hawk-470 Combi LED Lamp starts at $487 USD.