BOATING INDUSTRY CANADA - News Week Career Profile




Your previous position or title if applicable: boat washer, gas dock attendant, bookkeeper, service writer, F&I office, sales, manager, general manager

The area you live in: Temagami, Ontario

The number of years you've been in this position: three

The number of years you've been in the marine industry: 30+


Tell us about your education:

Did you complete high school? yes

Did you complete any post secondary? yes

Marine industry courses or training? Spader Five Day Management [x3] Spader Service [x 2] Mercury University Service

On-the-job training? for 30 years

What is it that you like about your job? I love everything about my job because it is never the same day. Nothing in the marine industry is routine or regular. Our season is very short but working with a great staff and my husband, it is very fulfilling. I love our clients who most are more like friends and very loyal. I work in every department at the dealership but mainly in service organizing the day and doing up the repair orders and time tickets and then I work with our salesman as a sales manager. I still take care of part of the bookkeeping to keep on top of things. Nothing is regular.

Are there tasks or responsibilities that you dislike? I dislike fall when things start to slow down. We have been running seven days a week for 6+ months and it's hard to slow down. It can wear on your mind because it's a very long off-season.


What are your overall feelings? For example, do you find it rewarding, challenging, steady, interesting etc. Please describe.: The marine industry is rewarding when a job is complete and you feel good about a sale. It is challenging every day because it is different with no routine or boring days. It is definitely not steady being so seasonal which also makes it more challenging. It's always interesting and it provides us a great living.

What quality of life would you say your career in the marine industry has provided you? We have a wonderful quality of life and work on a beautiful lake. We have a beautiful home on the lake as well and it provides our getaway. I can't imagine another business that allows us the quality of life we've been able to provide for our kids and grandkids and our marina dogs, Merc and Hitch.

What else would you tell a young person about your life in the marine industry? You work hard for nine months and relax for three but it's very fulfilling and you get to work outside during the best months of the year. It can provide a good living, education and on-the-job skills training in so many facets of the work environment. There is never a dull moment.


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