BOATING INDUSTRY CANADA - News Week Career Profile




The area you live in: Parry Sound, Ontario

The number of years you've been in this position: 11

The number of years you've been in the marine industry: 28


Tell us about your education:

Did you complete high school? yes

Did you complete any post secondary? no

Marine industry courses or training? Marine Technician course at Sir Sandford Fleming

Apprenticeship? yes

On-the-job training? yes


What is it that you like about your job? I love being outdoors and the positive work atmosphere, people love boating and being on holidays. I started at this marina and 14 years old as a dock boy, then did my apprenticeship and now own and run the facility with my wife.

Are there tasks or responsibilities that you dislike? None, I absolutely love what I do

What are your overall feelings? For example, do you find it rewarding, challenging, steady, interesting etc. Please describe.: Very rewarding to help people enjoy their vacations and holidays. The new challenges that happen every day keep the job fresh and interesting.

What quality of life would you say your career in the marine industry has provided you? An amazing quality of life, we aren't rich but we get to work outdoors and doing something we love. We have food on the table and a roof over our heads

What else would you tell a young person about your life in the marine industry? We get to play on heavy equipment and drive all sorts of boats. Very rewarding to be able to have fun while we work.


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