Jan 30, 2018

Derek Mader John ArmstrongCEO Derek Mader greets Canadian Yachting’s John Armstrong at the annual Executive Yacht boat show reception on January 19th.

Canadian Yachting magazine’s John Armstrong and Andy Adams were invited to attend the annual Executive Yacht boat show reception on January 19th at the company's Head Office and Design Centre on Lakeshore Blvd., West in Toronto.







Danielle Hill John ArmstrongDanielle Hill and John Armstrong at the whisky nosing.

The offices are only a short distance from where the Toronto International Boat Show is held and Executive Yacht arranged valet parking to make it easier for people to join their event. Guests included a number of both their clients and business associates who gathered for friendly conversation, and elegant table of hors d'oeuvres, whiskey nosing and live entertainment.

Elegant Hors Doeuvres





A select group of clients and business associates gathered for friendly conversation around an elegant table of hors d'oeuvres.

CEO Derek Mader welcomed us to the event and shared with us that while all their brands are doing well, all the shipyards are very busy and that retail was strong. He also commented that their shipyards really support Executive Yacht and when they send their clients to visit a yard, they always get a great tour. The Executive Yacht group enjoyed a very successful boat show and the evening was a wonderful way to celebrate their success and show their appreciation to their clients.

Live entertainment gave the event a special tone.