Jan 26, 2021

Maritime MuseumThe Maritime Museum of BC is running a fundraising campaign called “Float the Boat”. This campaign has a goal of $25,000 and will run from January 15, 2021 to March 31, 2021. Throughout the campaign the museum will be marking milestones by filling the tank below with water to float the boat higher and higher. We’ll be posting updates so make sure to follow along!

As a registered charity and incorporated non-profit the Maritime Museum of BC runs a variety of public programming and engagement initiatives, all with the goal of promoting and preserving BC’s maritime heritage and culture. In order to keep the programming and exhibit rates accessible to the public they rely on the help of grants and private donations.
“2020 was a difficult year, without a doubt,” said Brittany Vis, Associate Director of the Maritime Museum of BC. “While we’re all very excited to turn a new leaf and welcome 2021, we know this year will bring its own challenges. Emergency government funding will end this year and we are still a way off from resuming normal operations and re-opening our traditional revenue streams. Individual support is needed now more than ever to keep the museum running.”
The Maritime Museum of BC is a multi-disciplinary organization. It cares for a collection, provides exhibits, and helps educate/entertain the public through a variety of programming. In response to the pandemic the museum launched a range of digital programming for all ages, which can be accessed through their website. These areas have been broken into different categories to demonstrate some of the ongoing costs associated with each one. The museum is asking people to consider donating to one of these areas by selecting them in the drop-down menu on the donation page (visible after entering an amount to donate). If someone wants to contribute to the museum in general, they can simply select the “General” category and enter the amount of their choice.

Learn more about the different donation categories!

Join in the fun by contributing today to float the boat!