Mar 30, 2021

ABYCABYC reminds us that in the United States, as of April 1, 2021, operators of recreational vessels less than 26 feet in length will be required to use the engine cut-off switch link under certain circumstances, as the USCG implements a 2018 federal law.
All emergency cut-off devices should comply with ABYC Standard, A 33, Emergency Engine/Propulsion Cut-Off Devices. A-33 requires all recreational boats less than 26 ft capable of developing 115 lb or more of static thrust shall be equipped with an emergency cut-off device. This mirrors the federal manufacturer requirements and aligns with the new use requirements. As the new law may prompt boaters to install wireless cut-off devices, those should also comply with A-33.
How can you help your customers prepare for the "wear-the-lanyard" law?
• Tell Them! – Let customers know this requirement is going into effect and what it means
• Have Replacements – The old rusty clips aren’t the best; make sure you have a good stock of engine-specific styles and some of the newer plastic clips
• Test It – Whenever ABYC does testing, we always take the opportunity to verify that the engine cut-off device works; test your customer's device and recommend they do as well
• Inform Them – There are several wireless devices that make this safety step very easy to comply with, and of course, you are available to do the installation.