June 25, 2021

Quadrant Marine ExcellenceIt’s the people of our industry that make it excellent. 15 owners and managers piloted our new training program and are now each a certified “Marine Service Manager of Excellence”. Watch their videos here to see how the training is helping them raise the bar in professionalism, project management, communication, safety, and more.

The Marine Service Manager of Excellence course was created to support skilled technicians progressing into management roles. Designed and facilitated by subject matter experts from within the marine industry, the course provides in-depth knowledge and professional contacts to support the ongoing professional development.

Highlights of the Marine Service Manager of Excellence training include

- Plain-language instruction and hands-on, relevant activities

- Industry-specific content, so you don’t have to translate from theory or another industry

- Mentoring (from industry experts and peer teams), to help you use what you’ve learned

The next training course is Fall 2021 – keep an eye on our website and social media for updates, and don’t forget to watch the videos featuring our first cohort of certified Marine Service Managers of Excellence!

Congratulations and well done!

Alex Bailey, Revolution Yacht Experience

Alex Dale, Yacht Care Systems

Alexander Strong, Van Isle Marina

Becky Kelly, Raven Marine

Brian Renix, Yacht Care Systems

Brodie McEachen, Northwest Explorations

John Freiheit, Milltown Marine

Kristi Benwell, Liquid Metal Marine

Kyle Fletcher, Port Boat House

Lindsay Borschneck

Megan Keys, G.A. Checkpoint

Megan Lane, Passage Marine

Paul Gibson, Blackline Marine

Rob Trelford, Blackline Marine

Trevor Smith, Bridgeview Marine


With special thanks to our industry partners and sponsors!

Lindsay Borschneck

Christina Charles, Platinum Marine Group

Patience Cox, Thynk Leadership Inc.

Mariella Dauphinee

Jason Hicks, Bernard LLP

Dave Paul, DP Safety Consulting

Mark Wilson, Westland Insurance

Mike Richards, EPIC V Consulting

Chris Small, Chris Small Marine Surveyors