July 6, 2021

Walter Timmerman(Left) Walter Timmerman

Mr. Walter Timmerman, Chairman of Nautisme Québec and the Alliance de l’industrie du nautisme du Québec, announced that he was leaving his position on May 25th. This was officially recorded on June 1st when a special meeting of the Board of directors of Nautisme Québec was held to that effect.

It is with a heavy heart that the Board of directors received and accepted Mr. Timmerman’s resignation, the “great architect” of the extensive renewal that benefited the Quebec Maritime Association in the last 20 years, now Nautisme Québec, and its strategic positioning regarding our provincial and federal governments. Mr. Timmerman’s contribution to our industry has been remarkable. Among many high points worth noticing is the recognition of the boating industry as a key economic player in Quebec.

A dedicated supporter of the role of our organization in the development of structuring programs for the industry such as Marinas Classification, Québec Stations Nautiques and Eco Marinas, Mr. Timmerman was also a key player who made the Nautiguide a “must have” publication for all boaters in Quebec. As its publisher, Nautisme Québec distributes more than 30,000 copies of this valued boating reference annually, and that since 2008. Mr. Timmerman is also to be commended for his hard work in making the Salon du Bateau de Montréal and the Montreal and Quebec City In-the-Water Boat Shows the remarkable events that they are today.

Through the years, he was instrumental in the modernisation of the association’s inner workings with the helpful and complicit hand of Mr. Yves Paquette, general manager at the time. By being creative and attentive to the needs of all parties involved in these changing times, Mr. Timmerman has proved to be a team leader who was able to attract qualified and dedicated individuals to the organization. Let’s add to that that he made it possible for the association to access various tools making it relevant to its members, the general public, the media and a reference for decision makers.

Marc-Andre Loyeris(Right) Marc-André Loyeris

Although he has left his position as Chairman of the board, Mr. Timmerman remains a director of the Alliance until the end of his mandate. This is a strategic choice as well since it will allow for a seamless integration of a new and younger generation’s arrival at the helm. Mr. Marc-André Loyeris now the Chairman of the Alliance after being its vice-president since May 2018. As a director of the Alliance since that time, Marc-André has showed qualities of leadership as well as his understanding of our industry’s particulars and our member’s needs. That is why he represents for Nautisme Québec a top choice in that important role. For the record, Marc-André grew up by the water’s edge and is a fisherman at heart as well as being a hard-core boater, power or sail. He started his career in the industry some 10 years ago in sales and moved up to general manager at Yamaha Motors, Marine Division for Quebec. Being a young father in his forties, he is in tune with the active population now attracted to our industry and he’ll be also able to connect with the different generations involved in boating in all forms in Quebec.

Marc-André will benefit from the input of his new vice-president, Patrick Hardy (BCI Marine). An entrepreneur at heart with more than 20 years in sales and marketing, Patrick brings a solid expertise not only in marketing but in communications as well. His expertise will be key in the post pandemic future and in the communications strategies of Nautisme Québec.

After more than eight years of dedicated services to the organization, Mr. Louis Ducharme is also retiring from the Board of Directors as secretary/treasurer. Louis will pursue his administrative role to the end of his mandate in order to insure of a smooth transition for the next holder of the position. This will be the responsibility of Mrs. Chantal Robin (Northpoint Commercial Finance) who has to her credit more than 25 years’ experience in commercial financing and more specifically in the “Boat and VR” segment; her rigor, sense of synthesis and finances expertise will be great assets for the Alliance de l’industrie nautique du Québec – Nautisme Québec.

Nautisme Québec is home to some 9,000 boaters and 350 corporate members. Its mandate is to represent them at all levels in order to support and promote the growth of boating and all boating activities in Quebec. Nautisme Québec also offers a wide array of specialised services to boaters, boat dealers, marine stores and all marine related businesses while supporting them in attaining their full growth potential. Nautisme Québec is the only private organization that is exclusively dedicated to the development of pleasure boating in Quebec.