Apr 25, 2022

Motorized Water HomeMotorized Water Homes in Canada

The agreement solidifies the exclusive distribution of Navisyo Homes in the Ontario Region in Canada.

• YACHT Solutions Canada and the Navisyo Group have created a distribution partnership that.

provides an attractive and affordable alternative to waterfront property.

• The partnership facilitates the purchase of a home on the water for community heroes such as police, firefighters, teachers, military and medical professionals in Canada.

• The partnership deal also provides YACHT Solutions exclusive distribution, in the Ontario region, of a new electric self-sufficient Navisyo Home model launching soon.

• The Navisyo Home that will soon be available in Canada through YACHT Solutions will also be an investment opportunity for those interested in supplemental rental revenue.

On April 18, 2022, YACHT Solutions announced an important partnership deal with the Navisyo Group under its Navisyo Homes’ Brand, which highlights the company’s significant growth through strategic distribution in Canada. The signed deal is an exclusive agreement for the distribution of the Navisyo’s modern motorized water homes in the Ontario region of Canada.

Navisyo Homes is a premium provider of modern eco-friendly motorized homes on water that are cost-efficient, which Yacht Solutions will distribute in the agreed region of Canada. Based in Toronto, Ontario, YACHT Solutions is a premier yacht dealership providing sales, service and yacht management to its clients. Their expertise in these areas makes them an ideal partner to be importing and promoting the Navisyo products into Canada.

As part of the $50M agreement, YACHT Solutions is committed to placing orders every month, over the next years. Through Navisyo’s Hero Thank you fund, YACHT Solutions will be able to join the mission of helping police, firefighters, teachers, military and medical professionals purchase their first home on the water, in Canada.

“We are joining forces with YACHT Solutions to create a powerful positive impact in the world and we plan on doing so at a 360-degree scale as we prepare for the upcoming launch of an autonomous eco-friendly unit that will make our partnership even more fruitful.” said Navisyo’s founder Alexander Michaels as he referred to the Navisyo v.08.1 electric model launch that is coming this second quarter of 2022 and will provide next-level autonomy and freedom from petroleum fuels.


Meet the Founders

Greg Marlo, President and Founder of YACHT Solutions in Canada stated some additional note-worthy benefits of the partnership, “The Navisyo products come to Canada at a perfect time when people are looking to spend more time with family and friends on the water. The cost of cottages has seen an enormous increase in prices over the last two years and the Navisyo product is a great alternative. The product is also exempt from the federal governments soon to be imposed 10% Luxury tax on boats over $250,000. We have always promoted that when not being used by the owner, this type of asset just like a luxury yacht can be rented out to generate revenue. Ultimately the Navisyo product becomes a wise investment towards a better quality of life for Canadians.”

“As this partnership unfolds so do the efforts to empower our customers and the world, with smart living solutions that are a profitable investment and will redefine the world of real estate.” concluded Navisyo’s CEO Alexander Michaels

Navisyo Homes is a division of the Navisyo Group, founded in 2020, with the intention of providing innovative customized solutions in the midst of the Covid crisis by redefining travel, real estate and the art of giving back. Since then, Navisyo Homes has successfully expanded with innovative and affluent luxury motorized homes on water products. Navisyo Homes is devoted to smart living with sustainable eco conscious spaces that blend comfort, innovative technology and mobile accessibility to all.

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