Apr 24, 2018

Boating Industry Canada Employer Choice AwardThe Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice Award provides businesses the opportunity to get the recognition they deserve and promote themselves as a preferred employer brand in their communities. Boating Industry Canada News Week has partnered with CCEOC Inc. to bring this unique award to the market. Winners receive a beautiful trophy at the award ceremony and are profiled in a special edition of Canadian Yachting magazine. Winners will also be listed on the Boating Industry and CCEOC websites. All participating organizations have the option to purchase their Data Summary Report or the industry Benchmark report. Both reports are invaluable for analyzing and improving retention, engagement and overall profitability.

There are two award categories:

1. Dealers & Marinas
2. Marine Business: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Service Providers, Retailers and Distributors

There are many benefits to becoming a Boating Industry Employer of Choice Award winner:

• Reduced turnover
• More engaged and committed workforce
• Lower operating costs
• Increased productivity
• Positive employer branding and PR
• Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
• Peer recognition

Businesses eligible to take part must meet the following criteria: have a physical presence in Canada; have 15 or more full time employees; have been in business for 1 year or more; private or publicly traded company or government/NGO.

What the Winners Get…
• Engraved trophy presented at industry leading event
• Recognition in a special feature in Canadian Yachting magazine
• Press release announcing winners
• Unlimited use of the BICEOC logo
• Listing on the CCEOC and Boating Industry Canada websites

Important dates for participating in the award program…

Employer Choice Award










Whether an organization achieves the award or not, through the summary reporting, they now have the opportunity to learn more about what makes them great and what they can do to become even better. Report orders received at the time of application submittal qualify for a 10% discount.

All interested organizations can contact CCEOC at or call 416-886-7007.

Visit the info page at: