Feb 23, 2021

BICEOC 2021CCEOC Inc., and Boating Industry Canada News Week Digest are pleased to announce more award winners for this year.

Woodlake Marine in Kenora, Ontario is an Award winner in the ‘Dealers & Marinas’ category, of this year’s Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice (BICEOC) Awards.

This is a national award program that recognizes and promotes the best employers in the Canadian recreational boating industry. More winners will be announced in the next two weeks.

Companies that take part in the program must submit a Company Profile and complete the Employee Commitment survey. A combined score determines if an organization has achieved the award. There are two categories:

·       Dealers & Marinas

·       Marine Business: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Service Providers, Retailers and Distributors

This is the first year that Woodlake Marine has won the Award and we send our warmest congratulations to the whole team there in Kenora, Ontario. Sales Manager Tyeler Helsel accepted the award.

 “I’m very excited for the companies that have achieved award levels in the Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice program this year,” said Jeff Doran, president of CCEOC Inc. “With the added pressure of managing through the pandemic, these companies have continued to show resiliency and demonstrate how important their people are to the success of the business. They have worked hard to create world class cultures and preferred employer brands. This is the first year that Woodlake Marine has won the award and we look forward to having the Woodlake Marine team participate again this year. ”

“We congratulate Woodlake Marine on their success and their commitment to the Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice program. Boating Industry Canada enthusiastically supports the Employer of Choice program as a means for employers to both attract and retain the quality of people our industry needs  to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations,” stated Andy Adams, Managing Editor of Boating Industry Canada News Week Digest.
All participants in the Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice program have the opportunity to develop continuous improvement plans through the purchase of their employee survey data. These reports provide targeted insights that help address key organizational challenges to improve employee engagement and build a better corporate culture.

The winners have shown high scores in the areas of leadership, engagement and personal enjoyment. They can now take advantage of unique branding opportunities to help attract and retain the best talent in the market. They can also use the assessment data to improve employee engagement and help make their companies even better places to work at, and do business with.

Watch the award presentation to Tyeler Helsel and Woodlake Marine at:  

To learn more about the Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice award program please go to the website  or call 416-886-7007.