Mar 30, 2021

Quadrant Marine 25 YearsMarine Service Technicians Float Your Boat - Marine Service Technicians (MSTs) are the people responsible for keeping boats afloat, and they are in high demand. During a time when many industries are struggling, BC’s marine service industry is growing – and right now, a great number of companies are actively looking for long-term, skilled employees. From new builds to maintenance, survey, refit and repair, MSTs do it all.
“Our coastline is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world… I think people are going to continue to come here to use it, so marine technicians are always going to be required,” says Sarah White, partner, Yacht Associates International.
A wide variety of careers in the marine industry are available to people with a passion for boats, who love a lifestyle by the water, variety and diversity in their daily work, good pay and year-round stability. If this sounds exciting but you need some skills, apprenticeship training – and ultimately, certification – is the first step. 
Quadrant Marine Institute is celebrating 25 years of providing technical training for rewarding careers in BC. Through a blend of hands-on skill development, technical theory and workplace practice, Quadrant’s apprentices graduate from the program with an MST Journeyperson ticket. Quadrant’s apprentices learn the basics of “whole boat” construction and repair, covering almost every trade from metal, wood or composite structures to electrical, mechanical, paint and refinishing, interior systems, rigging, support services and more. 
“Why would you consider this career? Well, because you’re brave! Because you’re going to take a shot at something that is not commonly recognized as a career path. Not because it isn’t, but because most people don’t know about it. I remember enormous pride offered to people who could do with their hands pretty amazing things,” explains Campbell Black, founder, Blackline Marine. 
Whether you dream of sail or power, kayaks or yachts, a career and training in marine service is sure to float your boat! Registration is now open for Fall 2021 apprenticeship training – find out more and apply today: . View industry-wide job postings on our career page: . Be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn: @quadrantmarineinstitute.