June 15, 2021

LOOPWith a rapid rise in consumer interest in electric powered vehicles and more recently, in electric powered boats, Boating Industry Canada News Week Digest wanted to share this information from B.C.- based Loop Energy.

The company maintains that hydrogen fueled fast chargers will rapidly expand charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, (and electric vessels) opening doors to more accessible and affordable charging.

On June 8, 2021 GreenCore and Loop Energy announced a partnership to develop and build hydrogen powered EV charging stations. The Parties anticipate the first pilot installation to be completed within calendar year of 2021 with more than 1,500 EV charging and hydrogen refueling stations by the end of 2026. This follows both companies' recent announcements of partnerships with BayoTech, a leading provider of modular, scalable, and rapidly deployable hydrogen production systems.

An ever-increasing need for new charging points is not yet being met with expanded, distributed infrastructure. Electric Vehicle (EVs) sales increased by 39% in 2020 up to 2.1 million units, with a further 66% increase expected in 2021 (Canalys). This continued growth will further increase the enormous demand on the grid, requiring extensive investment to upgrade the distribution network that can take years to complete.

As a part of the cooperation GreenCore will work with Loop Energy as well as some of its ecosystem partners to design and build hydrogen powered DC fast charging stations based on Loop's high efficiency fuel cells. GreenCore charging stations will store energy in the form of compressed hydrogen and convert it to electrical power when required for charging of user's battery-powered vehicles. This will allow the stations to be grid independent, rapidly deployable, low cost, and small footprint. Most importantly, GreenCore's hydrogen powered charging stations will help solve serious issues in peak energy pricing and remote energy access currently faced by the EV industry. GreenCore will use hydrogen exclusively provided by BayoTech at the EV charging and hydrogen refueling stations.

"Loop Energy is the perfect partner to work alongside GreenCore in building better, faster, and greener EV charging stations," says GreenCore CEO Frank Baumann. "Together, we will be able to cut peak energy costs and deliver charging points in previously unimaginable locations."

"As electrification of personal and commercial transportation is going into over-drive, the timing for GreenCore's hydrogen powered DC fast-charge solution is perfect," says George Rubin, CCO of Loop Energy. "Easily overlooked during the early going, limited grid infrastructure capabilities present a serious issue. We are very excited to support our partners at GreenCore as they roll-out their solution."

Beyond the burgeoning demand for convenient EV charging in easily accessible locations, the recent release of several off-road capable EV models displays a growing demand for off grid charging for the more outdoorsy EV driver. Charging in remote locations where boaters and wilderness-lovers frequent will rarely be possible on the grid, and hydrogen-powered solutions present a clear solution to this problem.

About Loop Energy Inc.

Loop Energy is a leading designer of fuel cell systems targeted for the electrification of commercial vehicles, including, light commercial vehicles, transit buses and medium and heavy-duty trucks. Loop's products feature the Company's proprietary eFlow™ technology in the fuel cell stack's bipolar plates. eFlow™ was designed to enable commercial customers to achieve performance maximization and cost minimization. Loop works with OEMs and major vehicle sub-system suppliers to enable the production of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. For more information about how Loop is driving towards a zero-emissions future, visit .

About GreenCore:

GreenCore's team has constructed hundreds of EV stalls across the United States since 2015, including the two largest, most complicated EV stations in North America. Today, GreenCore delivers EV charging stations distinctive from its competitors. In short, GreenCore's motto is better, faster, greener. Better customer experience, faster construction / build / deployment, and a greener ecological footprint. These characteristics create a trifecta that position GreenCore as an industry leader in the future of EV innovations. Lastly, GreenCore leverages a thoughtful customer-focused business model, pioneering opportunities for partnerships in the growing EV ecosystem.