July 20, 2021

NMMA CanadaPlease read the following letter from NMMA Canada and the regional Marine Trade Associations as they prepare for an all-out fight to oppose the Luxury Tax on Boats. There are just four questions in this critical survey. Here is the explanatory letter sent by NMMA president Sara Anghel:

Dear Colleague,

As you know, the Trudeau government has introduced a luxury tax on new boats over $250,000 beginning January 1, 2022. NMMA Canada and the Marine Trade Associations have been fighting hard against the tax since it was announced. We appreciate your help and support so far.

A big part of fighting the luxury tax is having good data about how it will impact our industry. We are working with a respected outside economist to look at the effect on sales and jobs. Our economist has said it’s essential that we have Canadian data to build our case against the tax.

I am asking for your help today as Canadian dealers to give us a high-level snapshot of new boat sales. Please take a moment to respond to the brief survey at this link. Your responses will be kept 100% confidential and only used internally by our economist to project luxury tax impacts. Any numbers we publish will be anonymous and aggregated to represent the whole industry.

Your response is vital to give us the best shot in defeating the tax. With an election likely to happen in a matter of weeks, we have only a short window to pressure the government to abandon this policy.

Thanks again for your help in defending small businesses and jobs in the boating industry.


Sara Anghel
President, NMMA Canada