June 4, 2019

Stowaway SystemsBoats can never have enough dry storage space, especially places that are safe from the prying eyes of thieves. Unique Stowaway Deck Access Plates with Bags from Beckson Marine allow boaters to maximize normally unutilized areas to safely stow all sorts of gear.

Featuring an integrated nylon drawstring bag, Stowaway deck plates look like any other marine access panel. They're available in 4", 6" and 8" screw-out or 5" twist-out models. The 12"-long bag is secured to the back side of the plate with a retaining ring. It removes easily for access below deck or to carry items ashore. This storage system is great for securing watches, wallets, jewelry, keys and other small valuables that could otherwise be stolen or lost overboard.

The Stowaway can also be put to work for fender storage using 20" or 24" bags available for specific deck plate models. Beckson Marine Stowaway Deck Access Plates with Bags have suggested American retail prices starting at $43.85. USD.