June 9, 2020

Reliable FloodlightsMarine environments are notoriously tough on electrical components, including lights used in exterior applications. Sea Hawk-R high-performance LED floodlights from Hella marine stand up to the harshest conditions to deliver bright, even illumination wherever it is needed.

Sea Hawk-R light housings are injection molded from a tough, thermally-conductive and corrosion-resistant polymer, instead of coated aluminum. This superior material, combined with a unique design, draws heat away from sensitive interior components to enhance reliability and extend product life. A high-performance Grilamid lens provides unsurpassed strength, plus UV and impact resistance.

These rugged floodlights are completely sealed to IP67 standard. Advanced multi-volt 9–33V DC electronics ensure each lamp consistently produces 550 lumens of bright, even illumination, regardless of severe voltage fluctuations or low battery conditions. Power consumption is 7W.

All Hella marine Sea Hawk-R floodlights are available in black or white and come pre-wired with twin-core marine cable. Recessed mount models in spread or spot configurations measure 2" H x 7" W x 1.7" D. For surface mounting, a spread light version with a 316 marine stainless-steel bracket measures 2" H x 5.3" W x 2" D overall. Made in New Zealand, all are backed by Hella marine's full 5-year warranty. In the U.S. Sea Hawk-R recessed mount lights start at $190 USD; bracket mount at $200 USD.