Aug 11, 2020

Discreet ReceptaclesElectrical outlets on boats are often located where they're easiest to install, not necessarily where they'll be most convenient for the user. Hubbell Marine's 15A 125V Countertop Receptacle can be mounted on almost any vertical or horizontal surface. When power is no longer needed, the device is simply pushed back into its housing, discreetly hiding it from view. The device is so innovative, it won a 2020 Boating Industry Top Product award.

The Countertop Receptacle is engineered for safety and features Hubbell's patented cam-action, tamper-resistant design. Patent-pending silicone gaskets seal off the plug blade slots, preventing water from entering the device. The entire unit is water-resistant against a half-gallon of liquid spilled on it, whether the receptacle is up or down. It's UL 498 Section 146 listed for water resistance, making it ideal for use in galleys and heads. Plus, it complies with NEC 406.5(E) countertop, 406.5(F) work surface and 406.5(H) seating standards.

Using a Hubbell Countertop Receptacle is easy. A simple press pops up the receptacle. To hide it away, it's pushed down until it clicks. Built to last, it's rated for 10,000 open/close cycles. A video is at

The Hubbell Countertop Receptacle is offered in seven finishes to match any boat décor: polished chrome; brushed aluminum, brass or nickel; powder-coated black or white; and matte bronze. Compact, it needs a space only 4" wide and a depth of 4.7" through a 3.4" hole. It's available in flush and surface mount, the latter of which has a chamfered edge and extends a nominal .09" high. A lock ring holds the device securely in place.

Hubbell Marine Countertop Receptacles are straight-forward to install and it's recommended the power feed comes through a GFCI circuit. It accepts non-metallic sheathed cable, and/or metal conduit with a wire clamp or 0.5" KO. The US MSRP starts at $198.90 USD.

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