Oct 6, 2020

Gibco Flex Mold G4Leading non-skid pattern manufacturer Gibco Flex-Mold introduced their G4 100 series non-skid to visitors to the Flex-Mold virtual booth during the IBEX 2020 Online Experience.

For more than 20 years, Flex-Mold non-skid patterns have been the choice of leading boat builders for their comfortable feel and appearance, ease of application, maintenance and repair.

The new G4 100 series can be applied directly to the gelcoat deck in post-production with adhesive or epoxy. It can also be painted and gelcoated for a seamless and fully customizable look.

G4 100 non-skid is an environmentally friendly, permanent solution to deck repair. It is available in sizes ranging from 1’ x 1’ to 4’ x 12’. Customizable patterns are available on request.

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