Nov 3, 2020

Hubbell Dockside PowerHubbell Marine expands its comprehensive offering of quality electrical connection components with a new product line. Its Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals draw upon the company's 132-year legacy of innovative technology and safety. They offer marina owners a distinctive, state-of-the-art power delivery system to both offer superior customer amenities and help efficiently manage their facility.

Available in four models, Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals are a stark contrast to traditional marina models. With modern European styling, their gleaming white and brushed aluminum really stand out. At night, LED lighting provides a sophisticated—and maintenance-free—glow to the dock.

Thoroughly unique to Hubbell Marine Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals, the power modules are swappable to accommodate specific electrical needs at an individual slip. This can easily be done by marina staff. And, the entire upper section of the pedestal can be removed and stored at the end of the season or in advance of a serious storm by employees or Hubbell's maintenance partner, Ward's Marine Electric.

All four Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals utilize cloud-based software, so they're easily updated. With the Hubbell Dockmaster Mobile App, marina employees can commission or decommission a single or group of pedestals, and monitor their operating conditions. The Captain/Owner app provides reporting and power condition alerts perspective, and retains guest preferences through the database that can be downloaded to their slip upon return. This provides a user experience that is sure to be a welcome relief to any vessel owner who has experienced shore power difficulties and concerns.

Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals Models 1 and 2 can be configured for 30A 120VAC or 50A 120/240VAC US standard marine-grade outlets. A single pedestal serves two slips, each with two outlets and water service. Model 2 includes a high-performance wide-area mesh Wi-Fi signal with gigabyte speed that's easily accessible through any connected device. Equipped with proximity and battery backup emergency lighting, they can be custom-branded with a logo.

Models 3 and 4 of Hubbell Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals serve the entire marina power requirement from 30A up to 400A. With the same suite of features as Models 1 and 2, these versions come with a full-color display that can present advertising and other marina-specific information for an improved guest experience and additional revenue stream.

Like all Hubbell products, safety and quality is paramount. NEMA 4X rated, they also carry UL231 (cULus) certification, are NFPA 303 standard and comply with FCC Part 18 for radiated emissions.

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