Nov 24, 2020

Beckson PortsAs ports age, lenses haze and frames and gaskets crack and begin to leak. Replacing them is what's needed, but finding an OEM part for an older boat can often be next to impossible. Beckson Marine has the solution. It offers its legendary Newport™ Self Drain and Rain Drain Opening and matching Fixed Ports in a wide range of sizes to fit virtually any need.

Beckson Newport Ports are made in the USA using premium plastic resins. CE-approved, they're engineered with unique features that ensure they remain leak-proof for years to come.

Self Drain Opening Ports have a unique, built-in 15° drainage ramp on the lower lip of the inside spigot. This allows installation on a slanted coach top by thru-bolting and without making angled cuts in the hull. More importantly, the design keeps water from pouring into the cabin when the port is opened.

For cabin sides that have an extreme angle up to 45°, the Rain Drain Opening Port has 5/8" molded-in drains that sluice water away instead of dripping into the interior. The clog-resistant channels are easy to clean.

Beckson Newport Ports are offered in black or white, with clear or smoked lenses. Screens and trim rings are offered for both models.

To accommodate different cabin wall and coach top thicknesses, Beckson Newport Ports are available in 1" and 2" spigot lengths. Sizes range from 5-1/2″ H x 12-3/8″ L OD to 9-3/4″ H x 16-3/4″ L OD as well as a 10-3/4" round port.

To maintain a unified appearance, Beckson offers matching Fixed Ports. They share the same mounting hole sizes and patterns as the opening models for interchangeability. Ideal for OEM and refit, MSRPs in USD start at $180.95 for Newport Self Drain Opening Ports; $188.35 for Newport Rain Drain Opening Ports; and $117.75 for matching Fixed Ports. Visit