Mar 30, 2021

Fish It and Drift ItTwo all-new features added to the NavNet TZtouch3 interface, Fish-It & Drift-It, are designed to save fishermen time and fuel while maximizing their catch. The new, revolutionary Fish-It & Drift-It features, available only from Furuno, help you locate the correct spot to start your drift so you go right over your fishing waypoint. Tapping on a location on the chart, such as a pinnacle, wreck, charted artificial reef, or even a hot fishing spot on the Fish Finder or DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar screen, creates a temporary "Fish-It go-to point." Dynamic range rings, a course line between the point and the boat, and a temporary track line are created, and a Fish-It data bar with distance and bearing to the point as well as your SOG and COG appears along the top of the display. Your Fish-It spot stays active until you tap Stop on the data bar. 

Once a Fish-It spot is activated, the operator will have the option to activate Drift-It. This exciting new feature automatically creates a starting point for the vessel to drift directly over your Fish-it waypoint. The operator can select a 3-minute, 5-minute, or up to a 20-minute drift. Just navigate to the starting point to allow the vessel to drift to the Fish-it location in the time selected. Fishermen can now play by a totally new set of rules with features found only in Furuno MFDs.
Fish It and Drift ItFish-It & Drift-It come with the new, free software update for all NavNet TZtouch3 Multi Function Displays. No heading sensor is required to take full advantage of this new, unique functionality - only the position, SOG, and COG provided by the MFD, and the desire to make every trip more efficient.

Watch the video: