May 4, 2021

IOSSO Odor BusterNo matter how clean it is, a dank and musty boat or RV is unwelcoming. But it's easy to remove these stale, moldy smells with Iosso Odor Buster. Simple to use, it turns the space fresh and airy without merely masking the odors with heavy fragrances.

Iosso Odor Buster has no aroma, nor does it leave one. Environmentally friendly, the unique formula neutralizes and eliminates common odor problems naturally. People with chemical sensitivities are unaffected by the product and it's safe to use around children and pets—often a major source of the smells.

Fast-acting Odor Buster can be applied directly onto fabric, carpeting, cushions, clothing and shoes without altering the color. For large areas, especially with kitchen and tobacco odors, it can be sprayed into the air while backing out of the space.

Iosso Odor Buster comes in three convenient sizes: a 4 oz. bottle, a 32 oz. spray bottle and a 1 gal. container.