July 13, 2021

SlammerWhether as the foundation for a dock, boat lift or seawall, wooden piles are a part of life for boaters. The key is to avoid them at all costs, unless they're protected with a Piling Fender from Slammer Marine. This attractive addition to any waterfront locale is quickly removed for seasonal storage or cleaning and matches the company's Innovation Award-winning Slammer Integrated Dock Fender system.

Made in the USA, Slammer Piling Fenders are 5" W and available in standard lengths of 40", 80" and 120", plus custom sizes. The 3-1/2" thick waterproof foam core provides maximum impact protection and is covered by a removable UV- and abrasion-resistant marine-grade PVC fabric. They're available in Marine Blue, Ocean White, Orca Black and Shark Gray.
Slammer Piling Fenders include an HDPE polymer track that's installed directly onto the pile with stainless steel fasteners. The fenders have integrated bolt ropes that allow them to slide easily onto the track. When needed, they quickly remove with one screw. While designed for vertical applications, they're equally effective when mounted horizontally. A video is at

SlammerPiling Fenders can be used separately or as part of a complete Slammer solution. The company's innovative Integrated Dock Fender protects the surface it's mounted to, as well as the boat. Always in the correct position, it eliminates the need to deploy, adjust and stow fenders. The system is so durable, it's been used at high-traffic marinas and fuel docks for nearly a decade. Slammer Marine Piling Fenders start at $255 USD.