July 29, 2021

Lippert Automated Shade SystemsLippert Components, Inc.(Lippert™) is excited to debut its new SureShade® PTX Power Shade to the boating and marine industry. The PTX, specifically designed for boats from 18’ - 26’, is the latest addition to the high-quality family of automated and manual telescoping shade systems offered by SureShade.

The PTX Power Shade features stainless steel linear actuators and a universal design that can easily be installed on aftermarket hardtops or T-Top tubes. It can also be integrated by boat builders at the factory during production. The shade itself is powered by two 12V DC, 1.375” actuators using an included rocker switch, so no programming is required to operate it. The embedded motors propel the shade to extend nearly five feet in less than 30 seconds, providing a quick and efficient extension and retraction process.

In addition to its swift performance, the PTX Power Shade is silently operated with an anti-racking design and auto shut-off feature. It comes in four standard, fade-resistant canvas colors with an integrated canvas boot for easy storage and four standard widths to fit boats from 52.5” to 75” wide. The PTX Power Shade comes with marine-grade aluminum and stainless-steel finish options for an ideal complement to any boat it is used with.