Nov 2, 2021

Hubbell PedestalsHubbell Marine's line of Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals will set any marina apart from its competition. They deliver a prestigious bespoke dockside experience for owners and captains while streamlining the power delivery operation for dockmasters. The five models offer different levels of unique features, but all showcase Hubbell's commitment to pioneering innovation and unparalleled safety.

Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals are a statement in modern design, both in appearance and concept. The rounded white power modules have satin aluminum edges and sit off the dock atop a matching base with LED proximity and emergency lighting. Modules can be switched by the marina or Hubbell maintenance partner to accommodate a specific vessel's power requirements, or removed for seasonal storage or protection from a threatening storm. This UL-pending plug-and-play approach makes it especially easy for dockmasters to match transient vessels to available dock space.

From a marina's perspective, Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals make it simple to manage the harbor power and water supply system. Individual or pedestal groups can be controlled and monitored via Hubbell's proprietary cloud-based software. The system records guest vessel data that can be downloaded upon the boat's return for a custom user experience.

Models 1 and 2 can be configured for 30A 120VAC or 50A 120/240VAC US standard marine-grade outlets. Model 2 adds a high-performance gigabyte speed Wi-Fi signal that can be accessed by guests aboard their vessel—no more coax to worry about. Like all Hubbell pedestals, they have retractable cords and hoses and can be customized with the marina's logo.

The most adaptable, Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestal Models 3 and 4 can be configured for 30A 120VAC, 50A 120/240VAC, or 100A 120/240VAC; Model 4 can additionally accommodate 400A 120/240VAC. Along with water and Wi-Fi, these units include a full-color screen that displays marina and/or paid advertising such as restaurants, events and local attractions.

Hubbell's Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestal Model 5 is a combination version that can be configured for 30A 120VAC and 50A 120/240VAC U.S. standard marine-grade outlets. This unit is ideal for marinas that see a wide range of transient vessels.

Hubbell Marine Intelligent Dockside Power Pedestals are NEMA 4X rated, UL231 (cULus) pending and adhere to NFPA 303 standard. They comply with FCC Part 18 for radiated emissions.