Jan 25, 2022

Acorn Marine Pop-Up LED LightsProtruding deck hardware—even navigation lighting—creates a trip hazard and disrupts the clean, flowing lines of a boat's sheer. The Pop-Up® LED Bow Light from Accon Marine sits cleanly flush in its base until needed. When darkness falls, a touch of the button is all it takes to extend the lamp and the day's boating excitement.

Manufactured from gleaming marine-grade 316 stainless steel for low maintenance, the Pop-Up LED Bow Light uses high-performance LEDs that won't need to be routinely checked and replaced like incandescent bulbs. Drawing a mere 115mA, the light is US Coast Guard-approved for two nautical miles, NMMA type accepted and meets 72 Colregs requirements.

The Accon Pop-Up light is offered in two models. Version 210-M is available for through-bolt installation needing only a drill with a 3.5" hole saw and three #10 stainless steel screws, or for stud mounting requiring 2.65" of below-deck clearance. Style 211-M also stud-mounts and fits the same cut-out as Accon's 204-M incandescent light for easy upgrading. An installation video is at

Accon Marine Pop-Up LED Bow Lights have a base that measures 4.43" L x 4" W. Both can be fitted with the optional plastic waterproofing cup to prevent water runoff. Model 210-M costs $234.87 USD; version 211-M is $243.46 USD.