Jan 25, 2022

TACO Seat SlidesDesigned for chairs and benches from 23" to 54", frictionless, strong and low profile electric and manual seat slides from TACO Seating feature precision-machined 6000-series aluminum chassis and meet H-31 testing standards for seat applications.

Electric Seat Slides

The electric slides are self-locking at any position and fit securely with universal mounting bolt patterns on both pedestal and box applications. Rail/Linear Glide systems are self-lubricating, dirt resistant, quiet, corrosion free, light weight and shock resistant.

Manual Seat Slides

The manual slides have double pin positive side locks and fit securely with a universal mounting bolt pattern on box applications. High-strength polymer glides provide self-lubricated, rattle-free, smooth operation. Front activation pull handles slide with the seats for ease of use.

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