Mar 21, 2022

Hubbell USB ReceptaclesWith both boats and boaters having become more connected than ever, there's never been greater need to keep portable devices fully charged while underway. USB Charger Receptacles from Hubbell Marine include USB Type A or Type C ports within a traditional duplex outlet for the neatest possible installations and unbeatable convenience.

Hubbell offers a choice of three styles: two Type A USB ports, two Type C or one of each, all in combination with two standard three-prong outlets. These duplex receptacles deliver 5A and 5 volts of power to charge two devices simultaneously on the USB ports while retaining everyday usability with standard electrical devices. All comply with battery charging specification BC1.2 and are fully compatible with USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 devices, including Apple® products.

The USB ports are constructed with durable stainless steel and rated for 10,000 plug insertions and removals. They feature an integrated LED that confirms USB and line voltage power availability. A choice of ivory, white or light almond finishes allow the receptacles to work with a wide range of interior décors, either in new build or retrofit applications. Black, brown or gray finishes are available as special orders.

For outdoor spaces like boat cockpits and flybridges, Hubbell also offers a Weather Resistant USB Charger Receptacle in the combination Type A and Type C configuration. It incorporates a green LED power indicator and comes in either 15A or 20A versions in white, almond or ivory. Weather resistant models are fully compliant with section 406.9 of the National Electrical Code when used with covers.

Suggested retail prices for Hubbell Marine standard USB Charger Receptacles (USB15 series part numbers) start at $55.10 USD. The Weather Resistant models (USB15 and USB20 series part numbers) start at $60.15 USD.